Change Machines

Change machines accept banknotes and return coins of the same value. PayComplete’s machines also support the purchase of coins using cashless systems. By automating time-consuming, labor-intensive manual coin handling processes, businesses like casinos and laundromats can streamline their cash operations and provide change services 24/7.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

Activation systems control a variety of service-based systems by activating functionality for services when payment is tendered. Our systems are applicable in a wide range of applications, including service stations, convenience stores, sports arenas, malls, or government facilities.

Easy PRO Change Machine

The best-selling change machine, the Easy PRO is one of the most secure machines on the market. Well suited for any environment, Easy PRO's 32-bit CPU offers high-end functions at an accessible price point.

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Dual Coin PRO Change Machine

As one of the most secure change machines on the market, the Dual Coin PRO provides convenience and safety to customers. Ideal for dispensing large numbers of coins.

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Changeuro Multicoin Change Machine

With a sophisticated design, the Changeuro MultiCoin fits perfectly into all environments. While the standard machine can accept both coins and notes, as well as dispense up to four different coin denominations, the Changeuro Multicoin can be upgrade...

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