Cage & Pallet Loaders

Cage and pallet loaders are automated devices that grab coin bags and move them into cages for safekeeping or processing. PayComplete loaders are fully customizable to fit operational and physical space requirements. As a result, large cash centers and mints can increase processing efficiency and maintain high standards of employee safety.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

Cash center operators can take advantage of comprehensive machine servicing software that enables service engineers to maintain throughput and keep machines running smoothly.


Fully automatic pallet loader for shrink wrapped coin rolls or boxes, the SC-94900 Pallet Loader uses a vacuum to move packages onto a programmed pattern of pallets. Its automatic reject function prevents damaged packages from being moved, while the ...

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The SC-95600 Cage Loader is robustly designed to facilitate moving large volumes of coin. Fully automatic, this machine uses a gripping tool to pick up coin bags and load them into cages. Additional options include conveyor track, cage checkweigher, ...

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