Automats & Self-Service

Going beyond vending machines, PayComplete’s range of automated self-service machines includes car wash starters, laundry starters, change machines, and other activation systems that can be applied to a variety of business applications. Our machines enable businesses to optimize their operations by increasing automation of payments and transactions, deploying unmanned solutions, reducing employee involvement, and enabling 24-hour service.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

Activation systems control a variety of service-based systems by activating functionality for services when payment is tendered. Our systems are applicable in a wide range of applications, including service stations, convenience stores, sports arenas, malls, or government facilities.

PC POS Terminal

Take your point of sale experience to the next level with this contemporary, industrial-grade, POS terminal. Two touchscreens, one system. Robust enough to be relocatable with available transport box as an option.

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Edge Kiosk

Designed to fit into most spaces, the Edge Kiosk is a touchscreen, pedestal-style kiosk with a small footprint. The kiosk boasts a 27-inch touchscreen LED LCD — ideal for enhancing a venue and engaging customers. Our kiosks use only industrial qual...

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Easy PRO Change Machine

The best-selling change machine, the Easy PRO is one of the most secure machines on the market. Well suited for any environment, Easy PRO's 32-bit CPU offers high-end functions at an accessible price point.

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Dual Coin PRO Change Machine

As one of the most secure change machines on the market, the Dual Coin PRO provides convenience and safety to customers. Ideal for dispensing large numbers of coins.

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Changeuro Multicoin Change Machine

With a sophisticated design, the Changeuro MultiCoin fits perfectly into all environments. While the standard machine can accept both coins and notes, as well as dispense up to four different coin denominations, the Changeuro Multicoin can be upgrade...

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MyLaundry Laundromat System

MyLaundry combines the benefits of MIFARE® technology and the WorldKey cashless system for self-service laundromats. It is capable of managing up to 32 different washing machines and dryers.

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Laundry PRO Laundry System

An innovative automatic cash point for self-service laundromats, the Laundry PRO's advanced functions make it an efficient, user-friendly device for both operators and customers.

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Laundry Point Laundry System

The Laundry Point is designed to offer self-service launderettes a high‑quality, centralized cash point at an extremely competitive price. It manages up to 12 different washing machines and dryers. Operations are remarkably simple and intuitive, th...

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Touch PRO Car Wash Multi-Device

With state-of-the-art technology, the Touch PRO multi-device streamlines both the customer and operator experience. Intuitive touchscreen interface and automated support options deliver a user-friendly service while the marketing and security options...

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MyPOS Service Activation System

Based on the MyService box, MyPOS provides automated bankcard payment services that are ideal for sports and tourist facilities, self-service laundromats, and more.

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MyService Activation System

Utilizing the EuroKey Next cashless system and the RM5 HD coin validator, MyService delivers both security and flexibility for customers across industries.

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