SPS-50N Versatile Smart Payment Solution (Note Recycler)

PayComplete’s SPS-50N is a highly versatile under-counter note recycler designed for both consumer and cashier facing front-end retail applications as well as being perfectly suited as a small back-office recycler in partnership with the SPS-50C (coin recycler). As a front-end solution, the SPS-50N can be positioned as either a cashier facing note recycling solution designed to improve service by speeding up the check-out process, or as a consumer facing note acceptance device, in both scenarios paired with PayComplete’s SPS-50C as an under-counter smart payment solution. As a back-office solution, the SPS-50N is an efficient cloud connected small note recycler working in conjunction with its natural partner the SPS-50C or other PayComplete coin recyclers, enabling complete visibility of cash movement and availability and providing automated reconciliation.

  • Front-Office & Back-Office ready recycling device
  • Small under-counter design
  • No physical front locks = keyless cloud-access and password protection (manual back-up)
  • Embedded native CoD (Connect) engine
  • Real-time access level operator rights changes (open, empty etc)
  • Unique customisable frontal for complete integration into retail furniture
  • High security 6mm Front steel panel and 3mm fully welded cabinet
  • Major CITs pre integrated
  • Fully hardware agnostic cash management solution - Connect
  • Improve consumer experience with intuitive automated checkout
  • Unique and dramatic targeted retail advertising platform
  • Automated reporting and reconciliation across all devices
  • Reduced cash shrinkage and counting shortfalls
  • Optimize staff productivity reducing shift change times
  • Increased In-store security and reduced threat to staff
  • Full traceability of access at all levels via cloud platform
  • Complete visibility of all cash movement across the business through centralised platform
  • Enables integration of non-PayComplete devices into closed-loop cash management solution
  • Ease of integration with PoS solutions (Back-End & Front-End) via native LucidPoS application
Dimensions (W x D x H)
280mm x 475mm x 750mm
Recycle / Deposit / Dispense/ Bulk Dispense
Recycle Modules
110 notes per drum 3 recycle drums (330 notes total)
Drop Box Capacity
1,000 notes
Total Banknote Capacity
1,330 notes
Multiple currencies available
Safe Grade
6mm Steel front access