Easy Charge

Compact and streamlined, the Easy Charge is designed for convenient recharge of cards, keys, and tags in any environment — shopping centers, gyms, airports, transportation hubs, offices, cafes, and more.

  • Industry-leading technology
  • System comprises a CPU and a reading head connected via a “smart” coaxial cable (patent pending)
  • Reading heads equipped with red light signal pursuant to EVA-CVS standard with three status LEDs, buzzer to signal the outcome of the operations, infrared interface for audit/log data collection and reader programming
  • CPU equipped with USB and RS232 ports for firmware updates, system configuration, audit/log data collection and connection to PC
  • User-friendly graphical 16-character two-line display
  • Interior power switch
  • On a table installation or
  • On a wall with three dowels to be inserted at the back of the appliance (Optional:On a wall with optional Easy UP kit)
  • Easy, intuitive upkeep reduces operating costs and increases uptime
  • Installation options allows for flexible deployment of the system
  • Compact design for easy and unobtrusive installation
  • Intuitive user design
Easy Charge CPU
Easy Charge CPU on support base
Size (L x H x D)
257 x 471 x 353 mm
257 x 1.435 x 353 mm
22.8 kg
40.8 kg
Supply voltage
230 Vac – 50 Hz
230 Vac – 50 Hz
Absorbed power
60 VA max
60 VA max
Operating temperature
0° – 50°C
0° – 50°C

Currency Capacity
1 € Coin capacity
5 € Banknote capacity
Cash box
1000 coins
600 bills
400 bills