Hoppers are coin processing components that serve as temporary storage for coins. PayComplete offers multiple types of hoppers that can fit a wide range of currencies and market applications, including devices with different form factors, capacities, and dispense speeds. OEMs gain a reliable hopper that meets customers’ currency, capacity, and speed requirements.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

Hoppers can be paired with a number of PayComplete software and service offerings to enable OEMs to quickly integrate these components into their devices. Our ConnectCube program provides access to Connect on-Device, our transaction engineered machine software, and Connect for orchestration, reconciliation, and analytics. In addition, Zero Touch Service allows OEMs to build a service program for their new machine, and platform services enable global 4G connectivity.

Cube Hopper Coin Hopper

With an expandable hopper constructed from wear-resistant plastics, the Cube Hopper can hold and count up to 1,200 coins. Easy to mount, this hopper is protected by an auto-reverse anti-jam system and has an indirect optical readout with a continuous...

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Evolution Hopper Coin Hopper

With its belt drive system, the Evolution Hopper is a high-performing, easy-to-maintain system that is suitable for up to 95% of the world's coins and tokens without requiring an adjustment. The combination of DC motor and electronic motor control bo...

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Flow Hopper Coin Hopper

Using innovative electronics and durable construction, the Flow Hopper includes a through-hole component that delivers reliable results over time.

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