Card Readers

PayComplete offers a wide variety of cashless components that enable payments by both closed loop (private payment) and open loop (standard commercial) methods. They can be used in a variety of payment machines, such as laundry starters, vending machines, metro ticket kiosks, parking kiosks, and more. As a single source provider for both cash and cashless components, PayComplete solutions make it easier for OEMs to source components and assemble products faster.

A complete solution: devices, software, and services

PayComplete’s Connect on-Device machine software provides the built-in logic and commands needed for both cash and cashless transactional devices, enabling OEMs to easily provide a comprehensive product that supports all payment methods.

P68 The Arc Cashless System

The P68 (The Arc) terminal supports all card types for secure, fast, and convenient payments. The P68 not only supports all credit and debit cards, it also supports a broad range of magnetic stripe-based loyalty cards.

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P66 The Plane Cashless System

The P66 (The Plane) was created to be a cost efficient, multifunctional payment terminal for contactless and mobile transactions. Designed to the European Vending Association’s specifications, the P66 is a rugged terminal that integrates easily wit...

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Eurokey Next Cashless System

The EuroKey Next provides simple, reliable service that meets industry safety standards for cashless systems. Based on MIFARE® technology, this system allows operators to grow their business and encourage customer loyalty with valuable promotional c...

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Easy Charge

Compact and streamlined, the Easy Charge is designed for convenient recharge of cards, keys, and tags in any environment — shopping centers, gyms, airports, transportation hubs, offices, cafes, and more.

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WorldKey Lite Cashless System

The WorldKey system handles multiple sales and identification applications via a single, secure RFID support. It uses the MIFARE® technology platform, delivering exceptional safety standards and ease of management. The WorldKey Lite is the entry lev...

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UPT Card Reader

The UPT Card Readers are certified, 4G Ready, and feature beautiful, large, full color touchscreens, providing an attractive interface with ultimate payment flexibility for your customers. The UPT Card Readers can even accept and integrate with campu...

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